Verona XL

Are you looking for something special for your bathroom?

The inside of this washbasin has been polished, creating a smooth and glossy surface. The edge has been embossed using a scratching tool. This creates grooves that provide a rough and exclusive appearance.

This elegant round washbowl is, with its 50 centimetre diameter, slightly larger than the standard Verona, which has a 40 centimetre diameter. The large version is also made from a single piece of natural stone and available in different types of stone.

Available sizes

Width Depth Height
50 12


Available finishes

Natural stone

Purely nature: Forzalaqua selects her own resources and works with natural stone from the world’s oldest quarries. There, beautiful quality granite, basalt, hard stone, travertine and marble can be found.

Large solid blocks of natural stone are mined and transported to the workplaces.
Natural stone workers manually work the blocks into one of the unique Forzalaqua designs. These craftsmen place, in a way, their signature with the impressive stone finishes contained in their collection.

The stylish Forzalaqua collection will let you enjoy your bathroom every morning, thanks to the beauty of the pure natural stone and the extraordinary finishes.